Our Fitness Expert - Tina

IMG 16021About Tina

StarzTina better knows as Tina is best know for her infectious attitude, great smile and go get 'em mindset.  She is very proud to bring her passion and purpose to reality through health and wellness.  as a Fitness Professional her joy is to chnage hte world one person at a time thru fitness to make the world a healthier place.  

She is a personal trainer, health and wellness coach and loves what she does.  She is ACE certified personal trainer and nutrition certificate, body pump certified and a proud cycle star spin certifled.

Tina teaches from the experience of being overweight.  She battled being overweight most of her life and when the scale tipped over 200lbs and clothes went from12 to 16 she decided to make a change.  She has changed the lives of many people physically and mentally.  She has a special gift from God to empower people to do things they think they can't and reach their goal.  If you are looking to take your body to the next level this is the person you want to deal with.



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